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P.O. Box: 4618
Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
Tel. 02-621 9910, Fax: 02-621 9920
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Humes Inspectahire Chase Protective Coatings Ltd. Pawling Architectural Products
C.I. Kasei Co. Ltd. Duromac CP Corrosion Protection Impulse Geophysics CIM industries Inc.
Sika-Greenstreak ABIMAT AMORIM CORK COMPOSITES American Flagpole – Abingdon Virginia, U.S.A.
Amstep Products – Bristol C.T., U.S.A. Latham Australia Pty Ltd. – Gladesville NSW, Australia Mondo S.P.A. – Alba, Italy

We are supplier of the following products:

Aluminium Pole Products
Square Non-Tapered Poles, Side Or Top Mount Poles, Pedestal & Traffic Poles
Tapered Elliptical Arms, Truss-Style Arms, Davit-Style Arms, Flood Light Poles
Electric Hand/Hair Dryers, Soap, Paper And Towel Dispenser, Waste Receptacles
Sanitary Napkin, Paper Towel And Cup And Ash Dispensers
Mirrors, Medicine Cabinets And Shelving
Hospital Specialties, Shower Seats And Hotel/Motel Accessories And Grab Bars
Janitorial And Bath Accessories
Non-Slip Renovation And Retrofit Stair Treads & Nosings
Non-Slip Safety Stair Treads & Nosings
Non-Slip Glow-In-The-Dark, Glowline & Visiglow Safety Stair Treads & Nosings
Stair Nosings For Poured/Cast In Situ Or Precast Concrete & Terrazzo Stairs
ABI Brush Entrance Mats, ABI Duplomats Entrance Mats
ABI Alucable Entrance Mats, ABI Aluflex Entrance Mats
Door Cover Trims, Carpet Grippers, Stair Nosing And Step Edge Caps
Tile Trims And Corner Protection, Expansion Joints And Joint Covers
Corner Wall Protection And Handrails, Illuminated Nosing & Entrance Mats System
Neoprene-X-Pansion Loc, Tile & Dividing Strips
Flexible Expansion Joint Covers
Dirt Control & Slip Resistant Entry Mats & Mat Frames
Architectural Access Covers, Landscape Grates, Grids & Frames
Safety Stair & Flooring Products
Dock Bumpers, Wall Protection & Traffic Management Systems
Athletic Tracks Systems, Indoor And Outdoor Track And Field Surfaces
Multipurpose Sports Flooring Facilities, Stadium Seating And Sports Equipment
Tennis, Volley Ball And Gymnasium Surfaces
Rubber Stair Covering, Nosing, Skirting Etc.
Wall Protection Systems: Corner Guards, Wall Guards, Handrails, Wall Covering
Parking And Traffic Safety Products
Recreational And Athletic Flooring Systems
Industrial And Commercial Impact Protection Systems
Entrance Mats And Gratings
Expanda Type II & III Cork Expansion Joints Filler Board
Cork For Thermal Insulation, Acoustic Insulation, Anti-Vibration Insulation
Hydrotite: Hydrophilic Rubber Sealing Material/Waterstop
Leakmaster: One Component Water-Swelling Sealant.
C.I. Aqua Tackseal: Water Swelling Adhesive Sealing Material
High Performance Coatings & Liquid Applied Lining Systems For Potable Water Facilities
Waste Water Systems
Chemical Containment
Waterproofing Decks And Pavement, Water Features & Cooling Tower Systems
WATERSTOPS: SBR, Neoprene Rubber And PVC
Controlled Expansion Water Swelling Sealants
Hydrophilic Waterstops
Speed Dowels
Paving Caps
Drainage Accessories
Architectural Form Liners
Concrete Accessories
Erosion Control Mats
Masonry Accessories
PVC-Waterproofing membrane
PVC-Waterproofing membrane welding strips
Tuff-Guard - Chemical Resistant Liners For Containment
TPE-R-Waterstop - Chemicals And Fuels Resistant Waterstops
PE-Waterstop - Hydrocarbons, Acids, Basis And Alkali Resistant Waterstops
Inspection Services & Equipment Hire,
Condition Monitoring, Non-Contact Measurement (Laser, Acoustic & Optical),
Feasibility Studies, Sample or Debris Removal,
Video Editing & Reporting, Photography,
Pipe & Cable Location, Thermography,
Ground Penetrating Radar, ROV Surveys
Ground Water Flow Monitoring
Digital Video & Ground Penetrating Radar,
4 K Video Surveys, Cycleway/Footway Surveys
Assert Management,
Traffic Speed Retroreflectivity,
HFS Analysis, CVI/DVI Analysis
Utility Detection & Mapping,
Construction Analysis (GPR)
Moisture Analysis (GPR)
Sacrificial Anodes, retrofit
Sacrificial Anodes, retrofit, titanium wire
Sacrificial Anode Sheet
Sacrificial Anodes
Magnesite Anode System
Conductive paint
MMO discrete ICCP Anodes
Maflowrap - Cold applied Bitumen Tape Pipe Protection Systems
Longwrap - Cold applied Petrolatum Tape Pipe Protection Systems
Plasgard & Longcote - High Performance Liquid Coating Systems
Longseal & Protac - Self Adhesive Waterproof Membranes and Flashing Tapes
High Performance Coatings
Liquid Applied Lining Systems
SPC Pipeline Coatings
SPC Marine Coatings
SPC Tank Linings
SPC Industrial Coatings
SPC Petrolatum Tape Systems
Rock Impact Protection Shield For Below Ground Protection
Protection For PE/Steel Gas Mains And Services, Water And Sewer Piping
Protection Triplex Electrical Cable And Coaxial Cable, Ductile Iron Pipes And Fittings
Tuff-Guard - Chemical Resistant Liners For Containment
TPE-R-Waterstop - Chemicals And Fuels Resistant Waterstops
PE-Waterstop - Hydrocarbons, Acids, Basis And Alkali Resistant Waterstops

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